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Environmental Education Center

What is the Environmental Education Center(EEC)?

It is a facility comprising of conference hall, student and teachers accommodation and campsite for students. The EEC is charged with the responsibility of providing courses for Local, National International and community groups. It is also tasked with introducing and extending the awareness and knowledge in areas of conservation and environmentalism to the community at large.


Why Environmental Education in Botswana?

It has been deemed that Wildlife is an important resource for any country and plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. As a result, an educated citizen would realize the importance of environmentalism and hence preserve the environment at large. Therefore the center has been setup to educate citizens of Botswana and other internationals at an early age.

The centre has activities that help in educating students in ways that they will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. Students will see and hear about and get close to Botswana’s incredible environment, that is, the animals, birds, insects, trees, soils and plants. Through these activities and observations the students will see the inter connection of plants, animals insects soil weather and water in the natural world. The EEC can accommodate up to 48 students at any given time in the dorms and 6 teachers (24 boys and 24 girls) There is a campsite facility available but camping equipment is not provided.

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How does it help students?

  • It helps them relate to classroom work with outside classroom.
  • It adds dimension to knowledge of the world around them.
  • It helps them discover new areas of careers
  • Makes them gain appreciation for environment.
  • It increases their understanding of reasons and importance of wildlife conservation in Botswana.
  • It helps them appreciate the National policies and concerns for environmental issues which affect Botswana’s future.

Friends of the EEC

The Environmental Education center is inviting individuals or groups to be Friends of the Center. Anyone with skill or service that the want to offer to the EEC for free is welcome. It can be in the form of time, money, knowledge, skill, services. The incentives for these will be free accommodation at the EEC, free game drives and nature walks. For those interested in camping that too is possible at the EEC campsites. This will be an opportunity to work with our friendly staff and at times interact with students. The money generated through this project will be used to develop the EEC by equipping the library, updating programs already in use and purchasing materials for the department.



You can call at +267 4630713/ +267 4600204 or Email Us to make enquiries pertaining to the EEC.

Hands-on Activities

  • Habitat Mathata
  • Ants on a Twig
  • Dung Beetly Derby
  • and many more.....