khama rhino sanctuary

Animals & Conservation

Khama Rhino Sanctuary is one of the few places in Botswana where you would find a variety of wildlife and natural resources. We believe that natural resources are a great resource to our country. Therefore they should be protected, and cared for at all cost.

Our animals are free to roam but spectacular game viewing is possible from your vehicle from the many roads in the Sanctuary. The animals seem to be used to slow moving vehicles and will pose for you if you are quiet and stay in the vehicle - obviously, for safety reasons, you should remain in your vehicle at all times.

Our Animals

Black Rhino

We have 4 Black Rhinos in the sanctuary. These animals are generally browsers.

White Rhino

khama rhino sanctuary white rhinokhama rhino sanctuary white rhinokhama rhino sanctuary white rhino
The population of our white rhinos is 30. These animals are generally grazers.

African Rock Python

We have Rock Pythons in the sanctuary. It is a generally very friendly snake. One can even touch it without getting bitten. It is the longest snake in Africa. A fully grown male can be as long as 4m


A giraffe is the tallest mammal. Males are normally larger and have a dark skin colour compared to the females. Most of their diet consists of browsing material, mainly acacia trees.

Other animals

khama rhino sanctuary other animals
Black backed Jackal
khama rhino sanctuary other animals
Blue Wildebeest
khama rhino sanctuary other animals
Burchell Zebra
khama rhino sanctuary other animals
khama rhino sanctuary other animals
khama rhino sanctuary other animals
Steenbook Antelope

Conservation Strategy

The most crucial conservation project undertaken by Khama Rhino Sanctuary is of course the rhino breeding programme, an animal once on the brink of extinction. The contribution made by Khama Rhino to protect and recover the rhino population in Botswana and Southern Africa is very significant. To date the Sanctuary has relocated 16 rhinos to different places within the country from a founder population of four animals. The long term goal of the Sanctuary is to let the rhinos safely breed within its borders and re-introduce them into their natural wild habitats. The security of these creatures within the Sanctuary is well guaranteed by the anti-poaching patrols carried out by our rangers and the Botswana Defense Force.