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Education Center Facilities

Welcome to the EEC Facilities center. In addition to the dorms, and other facilities mentioned in the accommodation section, here you will find information about the various facilities that are found at the EEC.

Play Grounds

The play ground comprise of a volley ball ground, space for playing soccer and outdoor games for little kids. We also have swings that are ideal for little kids to play on. Our play grounds are secured from wild animals using a fence.


Located nearer to the Education Centre, the EEC campsite is ideal for big groups wishing to experience camping. The site has small Ablution block, a fire place and a stand pipe. Currently groups wishing to camp have to bring own camping equipments.

EEC Hall

The EEC multi purpose hall has displays of skulls, wildlife posters and children’s activities. In the hall there is also a library equipped with books and board games for students. When we do not have school booking the hall, it is also available for conferences and workshops.